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Specific Types Of Skin Can Tolerate Some Sunlight

In the world there are several types of skin . Concepts aimed at a particular type of skin that can tolerate some sun , but without it protects itself neatly by sun protection cream . However , in the application of this concept is provided by the individual caution , because the eye and hair color can only be an indication in terms of skin type questions. Many are also refractive by gene, which means it is a mixed race. To determine the type of skin that ultimately only the percentage content of eumelanin, which is contained in the skin.  

Basically the skin from strong sunlight should be protected. What is the definition of the type of skin, however, is concerned, a distinction is made between Celtic skin type can also be called a kind of skin and can also be called Nordic skin type two. This type of skin a person has the feature that it has a very light skin and particularly bright reddish or blond hair, and blue, green eyes or light gray. Skin type two, however, skin color and she has blonde or light brown hair and blue eyes, gray or green. Self-protection time for the two skin types is quite low but use this time frame to the fact that here, certain protection.